The Digital Land Grab

Digital is changing the content business in so many ways.  The economics, the evolving distribution models, the army of digital creators making content from anywhere in the world.  We are in a transition and it's a digital land grab - with companies snatching up talent, creating partnerships and collecting properties wherever they can.  

Traditional media is also in a transition moment - and its not all bad - they still have the money to buy their way into the game and pump out more product to a lot more people.  And if you can charge for your content - well, HBO is gonna have a nice one year bump in business.  

How we consume content is changing.  Mobile viewing numbers will continue to accelerate through the roof and smaller screens means a change in how content is formatted.  Mix and match, cut and clip, 10 eps for a doc, 12X5min for a web series, etc.  And digital streaming is actually benefitting the consumer - more choices, more content and get this, more competition (Get ready Netflix!).  

It's also gonna be a win for creators who now have the individual power to create an empire out of their bedroom.  And don't forget about the Chinese money...1, 2, 3. 4.  Interesting times indeed...

Caught Our Eye

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