Headsets and Highballs is a network of media professionals and artists across all disciplines.  

Founded in 2006 by Adam Neuhaus, Headsets and Highballs connects the media community the old fashioned way, by channeling the energy, talent and connections of its members to foster dealmaking and creative collaboration while strictly upholding a low-key environment for curated introductions.  H&H members cover the entire media landscape across film, television, digital, scripted, unscripted, gaming, agency, publishing, theatre, advertising and many others. 

H&H’s commitment to developing the relationships of media’s brightest young talent extends to the next generation with its comprehensive partnership with the Ghetto Film School. The H&H/GFS Partnership is almost 10 years long and includes teaching the Industry 101, matching GFS fellows with H&H partners, producing the Internship Workbook, and promoting GFS intern candidates to elite companies. H&H is committed to discovering, promoting, and developing the talent that will dominate the industry in the years ahead.